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Specialty Sports Programs

Specialized programs for football, basketball, soccer, and female sports covering speed, agility, strength, performance, and more.

Professional Athlete Services

We designs a comprehensive NFL Combine training program with one single objective: to elevate the draft status of each athlete through a superior performance at the NFL Scouting Combine/Pro Day.

Amateur Athlete 

Our approach to the high school and college phases is to excel at quickness & explosiveness in linear & multidirectional patterns. It's critical to eliminate dysfunctions in movement so each athlete can move efficiently & lower injury potential.

Personal Training Services

Become Fitness offers hands-on workouts with our fitness specialists who provide feedback and encouragement with every rep!

Youth Development

The Become Fitness approach to performance in the youth, focuses on teaching proper movement patterns to get them ingrained as early as possible, before bad habits turn into career ending injuries. 

Are you ready to become better?

Supplements, meal plans that include vegetarian options, fat burning training, strength training, muscle building, and more. Check out our latest plans to become a better version of you today!

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Fun, fitness, and community are also fundamentals of Become Elite. We believe that fitness should be fun and that fun will translate into teaching the athlete how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By gathering athletes, parents, and members of the South Florida community we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle that translates into tools for a success off the track and field!  Registration is easy! Register now by filling out all information located in the packet located on our site, then return the completed packet to a member of Become Elite staff along with your registration fee.




Supplements, meal plans, fitness plans, and more


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