Amateur Athlete Services High School & College


The Become Fitness approach to the high school and college phases is to excel at quickness and explosiveness both in linear and multidirectional patterns. It is critical to eliminate dysfunctions in movement so each athlete can move more efficiently, and decrease injury potential. Most families consider this portion of their training an investment into either getting into their college of choice and/or even a potential scholarship with today can be valued at up to a quarter of a million dollars. The Become Fitness team will have each athlete training using the same systems and methodology we use to train the Pros.

Private Training​

Training starts with an Initial Performance Evaluation where weaknesses and deficiencies are pinpointed and athletic type is profiled. From these findings, a specific program is designed for each individual athlete.

  • 1 on 1 with an BF Coach

  • Individualized Programing

  • Scheduled by Appointment

Much like the private training it begins with an Initial Preformance Evaluation for each athlete. Once profiled, the athlete will be matched with others containing the same skill level. The Semi-Private training includes:

  • Max of 4 Athletes per BF coach in a 60 or 90 minute session

  • Individualized Programing Sectored in Groups

  • Scheduled by Appointment

Semi-Private Training​

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