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  • This specialty meal plan is designed for those who do not eat alot of meat, This plan consists of lean proteins, very few complex carbohydrates, fruits, nuts, seeds and essential fatty acids such as: salmon, nuts, avocado. This plan continues to grow in popularity due to high demand and because of the limited amount of restaurants that don't cater to our very important vegetarian clients. With our plan you will find foods such as grains, legumes, tofu, bean burgers, veggie burgers, fruit, cheese, eggs, seasonal veggies, and more!

    This style of eating due to certain illnesses, or because of their desire to avoid animal protein. So, let us tailor a plan to your style of eating, as there are many new and innovative ways to go or be vegetarian.

    Designed from the ground up to be delicious, yet great for you! The meal plan features:

    • Every meal is 290-350 calories
    • Legumes, Nuts, Seeds
    • Fibrous Veggies
    • Soy Protein
    • Essential Fats
    • Complex carbohydrate
    • Consists of lean proteins
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